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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catharsis, you say?

Warning: this post could potentially disturb some readers. And arouse others. Please read at your own risk.

A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do.

Nothing's happening, so at the very least, something has to be written. That's a bare minimum to keep my sanity. If I'm not doing it, I might as well talk about it.

(I've wondered if NOT talking about it might be better, and I even considered not thinking about it. But that's impossible. The longing fills my whole entity. I cannot shut it off. Putting my fingers in my ears and singing LALALALALALA! super loud does not help. Cold showers neither.)

So, today's post will answer the question "What do I like about women?"

And specifically, what do I like about women that I've discovered by being intimate with them?

(Like I said, this happens approximately every 10 years. First time(s) as "teenager experimentation" with a friend or two - or three! - but not all at the same time!!! Second time in my early twenties with the first real, big crush. Third time recently... just read my blog around the month of May-June 2011 for all the juicy details.)

So, what did those moments make me realize about women's wonderful features?

Let's start softly, with the psychological features. We'll look into the physical after.

I am not comfortable with overgeneralizing, but darn, there are some facts one cannot ignore.

1) Women are generally much more complex than men when it comes to emotions. Notice I am not using the word complicated. Complex is a more positive term. In effect, I think emotional complexity is a plus, not a minus. It's a desirable quality. (Except when it takes on "drama queen" proportions, maybe, but that hasn't been the case with the women in my life.) I like that women are aware of their own emotions and others' emotions, and actually willing to pay attention to them, discuss them, embrace them.

2) Women are generally more empathetic and caring than men. I am not gonna start on the nature vs nurture debate. But it's a fact: women tend to understand others, help others and care about others more. They show it more clearly anyways. (Studies have demonstrated that women are the ones to offer their seat to someone who needs it public transportation... male chivalry is a myth! Women also give more money to charities, even if they usually make less than men. Finally, they do more volunteer work.)

3) Women talk. I like to talk. I like to listen to someone talk. I like to exchange ideas. Women never get tired of that, apparently. They also are better at non-verbal communication (this again has been showed by studies).

I'm sure there's more, but let's go on to the physical features.

Ah, the female physical features.


(OK, NewlyDyke, calm down!!!)

Where do I even start?

Let's see.

I start by locking eyes. Already the tension is palpable. Looking at someone for more than a second either means "I want to hurt you" or "I want to F*** you". Obviously, the latter is the case here.

There is this moment when emotional and sexual arousal build up before you've even touched each other. It's accompanied by a slight uncertainty about what's gonna happen (should I kiss her now?) that makes it even more exciting.

We touch, subtly at first. We are still testing the field. We touch the arm, or the back, maybe the hand. A "neutral" body part. To touch anything else, it has to be in a playful manner, at this stage. Unless the look in each other's eyes says otherwise. Unless it's like a huge neon sign that says "Take me, take all of me, right here, right now!"

It does not really show, but we are paying full and complete attention to each other's non-verbal cues.

We move closer. At this point we can gently remove a hair strand from each other's face, or keep our hands held together for a little bit too long.

Our eyes lock again. This time it is undeniable. A kiss is about to happen. We move even closer. Or lips slowly meet each other. It is soft and plump. It tastes good. We start softly, but the giant heat wave that takes over us quickly makes the kiss more intense.

Hands are exploring more freely now. Caressing the neck and softly sliding fingers behind the ear or through the hair. It's now permitted to let one or two hands go down to the small of the back, and even lower. One or two hand(s) can also come to the front and gently, very gently grab what fits perfectly in them (I personally tend to prefer smallish-mediumish boobs, but that's just me.)

Now the hands are doing the same, but under clothing. The skin is soft. So soft! There's nice curves, and a few pointy thingies. Hands explore it all. At this point, one or two things happen: items of clothing are being lifted, unzipped and unbuttoned... and the mouth decides to join in the fun of exploring the skin, starting with a gentle caress of the lips on the neck, the shoulder, maybe the belly.

This is when a horizontal plane, ideally a soft and comfy one, becomes useful. Both bodies lie down. Similar body parts touch and intertwine: the legs, the breasts, the arms, and of course the tongues.

Skins are fully against each other. Hands and lips become reckless. There's so many wonderful places to caress, either with the fingers, the palms, the cheek, the lips, the tongue! They are reckless, but instinctively know to beat around the bush (no pun intended!) a little. Collar bone, belly, outside of thighs, are all good places to focus on now. Then of course the breasts. How could you forget the breasts?

The lower belly, hips and inside of the thighs are a great area to spend some time on, while the center of it all is becoming dangerously hot. At this point, it's good to listen for deeper breathing and watch for movements - even subtle - of the pelvis: they both mean it's time to get closer to the focal point. As the hands and/or mouth move closer, some attention is still paid to other areas... we don't want them to feel abandoned! A little pause can even be taken to refocus fully on the kissing. Lingering, when it's well paced and timed, can truly do half of the job!

Touching the focal point should elicit even deeper and louder breathing. Fingers explore, while ears listen for feedback. The outside gets attention first. We really want to warm it up. Then a finger can slowly slide inside, where it's wonderfully soft and warm and moist, while another finger - or the tongue - takes care of the outside.

The bed is about to catch on fire, and this is perfectly normal at this point.

Repeat steps until that happens.

Then spend some time in the afterglow, cuddling and enjoying the warmth still exuded by the two fully relaxed bodies.

This is what I like about women.

What about you?

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